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The Google Pixel 6 Pro — Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) August 2, 2021 Qualcomm has a virtual monopoly on processors in Android devices in the US. Worldwide, there is a little bit more competition as Samsung, MediaTek, and Huawei all have chips in Android phones. But on the whole, processing power on Android phones is rightfully thought of as woefully behind what Apple has done with its own in-house silicon on its A-Series line of chips. Because of that situation, there’s a lot of interest to see if Google could potentially make a more competitive chip that could differentiate its products. But don’t let that interest trick you into thinking that Tensor is exactly equivalent to Apple’s A-Series chips. Tensor is the system on a chip, with a mix of components that Google itself has designed and others that it has licensed. Google’s not sharing who designed the CPU and GPU, nor is it sharing benchmarks on their performance — though Osterloh says that it should be “market leading.” (Current rumors suggest that it might be Samsung providing those more standard component designs .) He adds, “The standard stuff people look at will be very competitive and the AI stuff will be totally differentiated.” Instead, this week’s announcement is an attempt to reframe the narrative away from gigahertz and toward artificial intelligence and machine learning in phones — areas where Google, of course, has a big advantage. Typically when you think about a phone’s specs, you think of the core three: CPU, GPU, and RAM. Those pieces of the SoC are what impact your day-to-day experience the most — how fast the phone feels, how long it lasts on battery, how well it connects to a cellular network, and so on. After that, there are generally some co-processors off to the side that handle discrete tasks like image processing or security. Google itself has already made some of those — the Titan M chip and Pixel Visual Core have appeared on previous phones. “It’s definitely very different than just another co-processor,” Osterloh says. “Like with any SoC, we license a lot of technology into it, but this is our design and it was designed specifically with the purpose of driving our ML and AI forward.” Google’s argument is that the new chips in Tensor are an essential part of many of the things the new Pixel phones can do — not unlike Apple’s Neural Core in its A-Series processors. The Pixel 6 Pro comes in three staid color options. The Pixel 6 has two more fun color choices. “The computers of the future are becoming much more heterogenous than they have in the past,” Osterloh argues. He has for years been signaling that the end of Moore’s law will mean that computers — and phones — will need to be built differently. “There’ll be a lot more specialized sub-elements to the design to be able to do things in specific ways.

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Sunseeker Resort resumes construction after pandemic delay Charlotte Harbor seagrass lost 3 decades of recovery in 2 years Construction on the Sunseeker Resort project in Charlotte Harbor resumes Tuesday, resurrecting the potential for more jobs and a boost to the local economy. The cranes at the resort construction site have been sitting idle for almost a year and a half due to the pandemic. The local water authority is redoing the pipes to prepare for the increase in visitors and infrastructure and the Florida Department of Transportation is in the design phase of widening more than two miles of nearby Harborview Road. They have not started the electrical phase of construction, which takes a long time to do, and the concrete work is not yet finished. Neighbors WINK News spoke to seem to largely indifferent to the renewed construction so far. Some like the idea, though they don’t know how it is going be pulled off. Right now, though, they think the construction is an eyesore. Some tourists from outside of Florida gave their opinions as well. “Very dig this nice,” said Dale, visiting from Kentucky. “That’s the problem with where we’re at right now. The pool is all dirty, and the kids want a place to swim. Sounds pretty good. If they can get it done.” “I don’t know what kind of resort it is, but I don’t know how much fun you’re gonna have next to a bridge and dirty water with a little kid,” said John, visiting from Bulgaria. “It’s a good idea, I just don’t know how they’re going to execute it.” One Punta Gorda resident WINK News spoke to Monday called the Charlotte Harbor area “OTB,” meaning “over the bridge.” He said he has never had a reason to go OTB before, but now he will, because of the Sunseeker Resort, and he says he can’t wait. The president of Allegiant will visit later in the week to meet with all Charlotte County commissioners. Allegiant expects to close on a $355,000 loan agreement within the next month or so.