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This handout image released by Carelton University on July 20, 2021, shows an artists rendition of a microsaur. - A finger… "Many details of that transition aren't well known," study co-author Arjan Mann, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, told AFP. "Microsaurs have recently become important in understanding the origins of amniotes," he said. "A lot of these microsaurs have been thought to be either ancestors of amphibians or ancestors of reptiles." Encased in a bog in what is today the central United States, the specimen's serpentlike body measures about 5 centimeters (2 inches).  In deference to its tiny size, researchers dubbed the new species Joermungandr bolti, after a giant sea serpent from Norse mythology who did battle with Thor. Scientists were astonished to discover the fossil also contained the animal's skin. "Areas of the skin had only been known from fragmentary fossils before," Mann said. "This microsaur is the whole shebang. ... That's very rare for these fossils. It's very rare for anything 300 million years old to have skin with it!" Contrary to previous ideas about microsaurs, which had been classed as amphibians, Mann and his team discovered that Joermungandr had scales. "Modern amphibians ... are soft and slimy things, this was not a soft and slimy thing," said Mann. "This animal really had a reptilelike look to it."  Mann said the research suggests not only that microsaurs might be early relatives of reptiles but also that the ability to burrow may have played a bigger role in the origin of amniotes than originally thought. The researchers used a highly sensitive imaging technique called scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to get an up-close look at the nearly perfect fossil. They discovered a pattern of ridges similar to those found on the scales of modern reptiles that dig into the ground. Along with other features such as a robust skull and elongated body, the scale shape led researchers to hypothesize that Joermungandr burrowed as well. "It would probably have been a head-first burrower, using its head to smack itself into the soil," said Mann. "Its limbs were probably not very functional.

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There is more personally identifiable information (PII) being used to register and utilise online services than ever before. And, unfortunately, fraudsters are getting savvier at finding ways to exploit this. The Accellion hack from well over six months ago reminds us of this. Despite some time passing since the breach occurred, it’s only just been confirmed that attackers stole personal information belonging to Morgan Stanley’s customers, including addresses and Social Security numbers which likely will have been sold on the dark web for as little as $12-$20 . This data can then be used by fraudsters to set up new, and access existing, accounts. This means that it’s no longer a certainty that someone using an online service is who they say they are. For this reason, businesses must take steps to protect themselves and their customers. One crucial way to do this is by investing in strong identity verification across ecosystems. Many companies have used the last year to jumpstart their digital transformation efforts, but with a digital problem of this scale, it is vital that organisations continue to accelerate the transition and build in the necessary operational resilience. One area which continues to be overlooked somewhat in corporate digital transformation strategies is digital identity verification . This is massively worrying as it holds the key to combating the threat of stolen PII and can ensure that a person’s digital identity matches their physical identity when conducting any business online. One industry that needs to be particularly cautious of the threat of stolen PII is healthcare. With 67% of UK healthcare organisations having experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last decade, and with 2,550 healthcare breaches having impacted more than 175 million medical records, healthcare is particularly vulnerable. This is due to the significance and the volume of the information available. Medical records can be listed for up to USD $1,000 on the dark web, 10 times more than the average credit card record, making it a tempting target for fraudsters. Progress is being made and a new study by iGov and BT reveals that the majority of the UK’s leading health providers are accelerating their digital transformation plans this year. However, organisations in the sector must address this important aspect of identity verification to be completely protected. The problem now is quality, not quantity. While data breaches fell by 48% in 2020 compared with the previous year, the volume of records compromised by these breaches jumped by 141% to a whopping 37 billion, the largest number seen by RSB since 2005. The impact each breach can now have is unlike what we have seen before and therefore, being able to accurately establish and authenticate an identity is the key to keeping people’s data safe. Identity verification can be conducted quickly and easily at account opening stage and on an ongoing basis.